The immigration system in the United States is not very understanding of someone who loses their legal status, such as if they were to overstay their visa. In these situations, if someone tries to obtain another visa legally, they will be denied that visa. There are only a few ways to obtain new status after this happens—either marrying a US Citizen, or going before a judge to file for some type of relief, usually asylum or a cancellation of removal.

Who Can Be Deported From The United States?

An individual could be deported, or otherwise asked to leave the country, if they do not have a current legal status to be in the US. If you have committed a crime in the US, including visa fraud, or have had issues with USCIS in the past, your chances of being asked to leave dramatically increase. In some cases Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may detain you. You may also be deported as a Permanent Residents, if you have committed a crime, or if your initial application should never have been approved by USCIS.

Will I Be Successful In Navigating The Immigration Process On My Own?

There is always the possibility that your immigration case is going to have issues, no matter how simple or straightforward it appears to be at the beginning. I see many clients who initially tried to file their own immigration case. The best possible outcome is that the case is denied, with only a financial loss to the individual who filed. Unfortunately, it is possible to be accused of visa fraud, or other serious allegations. Though there is a financial cost to working with an attorney, there can potentially be a higher cost to choosing not to work with one.

When Handling Immigration Cases For Clients, What Sets You And Your Firm Apart?

The fact that I have a big passion for this area of law sets me apart, and it shows throughout the decade that I have been practicing, through the thousands of cases that I have handled. I love what I do. I continue to fight for my clients, without giving up. Even if a case seems hopeless at the beginning, I always strive to give clients a sense of hope. I work tirelessly to help ensure a positive outcome for al my clients, though I cannot guarantee a successful resolution.

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